Our mission is to grow the aviation business in Poland for our Partners and develop the Polish aviation market


To plan, prepare and seamlessly introduce new airlines and new routes to Poland and assist in routes development, making the routes sustainable and profitable in shortest possible time for all involved bodies


To be a leading and first-choice Country Manager and Business Representative Agent in Poland for airlines and aviation related companies by offering swift, tailored services and synergy to our Partners by networking, knowledge and cost reduction schemes

About us

At PMA Aviation we are cooperating with airports, carriers and aviation related enterprises in order to develop route network, maximise revenues, reaching new clients and develop their scope of business on Polish market. We are the most comprehensive GSA in Poland. We provide scope of service like no other company in the country.

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How we help

The list of projects we can do together is never closed. We understand that such dynamic enviroment, which is aviation, requires constant self-development and quick reaction for changes. Tap the cell to find out more.

Legal support

Legal support

  • Establishing branch in Poland, which is mandatory for non-EU carriers
  • Running a carrier’s branch in Poland from legal perspective
  • Complex representation of the carrier in Poland Polish Civil Aviation Authority, Boarder Guard (including PNR), Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, passengers claims, Polish courts
  • Legal Assessment and recommendations to the agreements between the carrier and airports in Poland, handling companies, tour operators, tourism agencies and chambers of commerce
  • Monitoring of the acts of Polish law influencing the carrier’s business and recommendations in this regard 
  • Conducting current legal cases and advices
  • Up-to-date information on changes in regulations requiring actions by carrier
Commercial service & B2B Sales

Commercial service & B2B Sales

  • Representing and conducting cases of the carrier in Poland in business negotiations with airports, tour operators, airlines, ground handling companies and other business partners in Poland
  • Costs monitoring and costs optimization strategies 
  • Applying for discounts/incentives at the airports and marketing campaigns
  • Market research and targeting right tour operators and presenting the carrier’s offer
  • Day-to-day monitoring of cooperation with ground handling companies and airports
  • Representing the carrier during trade fairs and other business meetings and events
  • Checking the correctness of calculation invoices issued by airports in Poland and claims or refunds conducting
PR & Digital Marketing

PR & Digital Marketing

  • Translation of press releases into Polish
  • Distributing press releases to the Polish media
  • Producing joint press releases with airports / airlines / travel agencies
  • Creating and running Polish-language channels in social media
  • Complex organization of meetings and presentations in Poland for journalists, embassies, tour operators, agencies, chambers, representation of the airline
  • Organization of events / banners / cakes on the occasion of new route, additional frequency, anniversary of operation, milestone passenger, etc.
Representation in committees

Representation in committees

  • Airline Operating/Users Committees (WAW, KRK) on monthly basis (gathering data / claims / requests from the carrier and presenting them to AOC in behalf of the carrier)
  • Airport and Infrastructure Charges Committees (all airports) on yearly basis (answering the airport’s requests, analyzing proposition of changes of airport charges tariff, taking care of the best interest of the carrier, representing the carrier during the physical and virtual meetings and on-line correspondence)
  • Slots Committees (WAW, KRK, POZ) twice a year (gathering data / claims / requests from the carrier and presenting them to committee)
HR in Poland

HR in Poland

  • Complex organizing of the recruitment events for pilots, cabin crew, technicians, employees in Polish offices / call centers 
  • Searching and booking of the right places for dedicated events
  • Posting and managing the job offers on most commonly used Polish job websites
  • Pre-selecting of the candidates’ CV
Route development

Route development

  • Researching and analyzing of the market data regarding new connections/routes
  • Preparing the business cases of the airports for the carrier
  • Representing the carrier during the meeting with the airport
  • Establishing and conducting business relations with bodies responsible for promotion and marketing of Polish airports / cities / regions
  • Creating of the route passenger and cargo forecasts


We have been involved in many aviation projects with our partners over the more than 5 past years. They were associated with carrier’s development on the Polish market as well as new entities in Poland.

Thanks to our assistance they smoothly prepared & scaled their businesses in Poland by reaching new B2B clients such as tour operators, airlines and airports, as well as new passengers due to assistance in reaching the market with corporate information and press releases

What we do for clients is not only related to pure business – even more important to us, are the relations we establish – long-term, based on trust and fruitful for all engaged.

We are fully dedicated to all projects. We guide our partners on the market from the commencement to the stable development in Poland. Tasks like law or commercial support are part and parcel of our working day and we are not afraid of other, not obvious one.

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Michał Wichrowski

Michał Wichrowski

Michał has graduated from aviation management studies at UITM in Rzeszów and managerial studies at Warsaw School of Economics. Recently has started his PhD in aviation marketing.

He has gathered the work experience during an internship at Lufthansa Global Business Services in Kraków, in Enter Air as a cabin crew member and at ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise as a head of network development for Warsaw Chopin Airport, Warsaw-Radom Airport and Zielona Góra Airport. Michał is a founder of TenPlanes.

He is an academic lecturer at UITM in Rzeszów in the field of interest such as commercial development of airports, air cargo management, airline business models, network development and airline customer service. Additionally, he is an IATA courses trainer.

At PMA Aviation Michał cooperates closely with Partners in fields such as business development, building and execution of air routes strategies of airlines and airports and other commercial activies on behalf of the Partners.

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Agata Szwarc

Agata Szwarc

Agata is a business development manager. She is currently pursuing a degree in Aviation Management at UITM in Rzeszów. Agata's professional journey includes valuable experience gained at Szczecin Airport as a Passenger Service Agent in Welcome Airport Services.

Moreover, Agata actively collaborates with the Chair of Entrepreneurship at UITM, engaging in economic research programs. Last year, she was a researcher in a project conducted in partnership with the Department of Public Finance at the University of Łódź.

Recently, Agata has started working on an economic research project regarding impact of local development policies on the creation of conditions for new business formation.

At PMA Aviation, Agata is responsible for researching emerging market opportunities, recognizing industry trends, and developing effective marketing strategies for our clients.

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Katarzyna Ciąpała

Katarzyna Ciąpała

Katarzyna is a social media manager. She has graduated from Digital Marketing at Kozminski University in Warsaw and Journalism and Social Communication at UITM in Rzeszów.

She specializes in social media marketing – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok. She is responsible for visual content, communication strategy, PR, press releases, contact with media, organization of promotional and commercial events.

Kate performs research on benchmark trends and is on top of the latest social media trends.
She has gathered her experience during an internship at European Commission Representation in Poland and Institute for Financial Research and Analyses at UITM in Rzeszów.

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Karolina is an attorney at law with over 15 years of experience in comprehensive legal service both entrepreneurs and individual clients. She specializes in broadly understood civil law, both substantive and procedural law, commercial, administrative and aviation law.

She graduated from the legal adviser apprenticeship at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw in 2005 and doctoral studies at the Polish Academy Of Sciences in Warsaw in 2009.

Karolina has worked at the Polish Civil Aviation Authority as a lawyer at the Legal and Legislative Department, and then as the Deputy Director at the Personnel Licensing Department Aviation for 10 years. She has extensive experience gained in servicing entities from the aviation sector as part of the legal adviser practice.

Academic lecturer in postgraduate and MBA studies in the field of aviation law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University Lazarski. Court Mediator entered on the list of permanent mediators at the President of the Court District in Warsaw.

After gaining practice in multiple law firms she has established her own in 2019 and provides legal advice to aviation and non-aviation clients, which she is developing till today with several law experts.

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